Accidental Revelations

So much depends upon


“For example, an actual entity emerges as the final phase in the process of concrescence" - Towards Clarifying Whitehead's Theory of Concrescence
John W. Lango

Arrive, arrived, arriving,

always an ever-present event

this becoming, an actual entity.

Despite assumptions to the contrary, an empty street is an invitation.

'Mass hoppers' giving us anxiety, say Irish priests

‘They’ flood in/ Wash away the anchors/Call the ancestors/At least they answer/Sometimes by post/

Hey ya’all, apologies for a short Friday Gate(less). I promise, what lies off this page is vast, dwarfing the silly panderings of this humble, mostly empty-vessel. Until next week (with some announcements between), I’ll leave you with this morning’s question: “If not precipitation, what falls from the sky and what does it portend?” ;-)