A Tarot for the Magickal Third

For Tracy Hollands on her Birthday

8/22/2020 Con/Jur/d & TLH

The Aeronauts: 0

Taken by the Fool in my
Earlies, learned how One must fly

Putting foot over cliff,

Habitual Ecstatic
Kept falling again, again

Who knew Two will always go
higher than One. -- but you.

The Earlies: 1

Resented glow in their eyes

When we said we were childhood

Sweethearts the way they stole our

Story unmaking struggle

Our narrative transformed un-

Recognizable. Heartbreaks

changes, the wearing away

false premises, doctoring

Time, they could not capture our


I was never good

At presents. Can't even write

A damn-love poem. Maybe

We don't know what love is be-

Cause  too close to


We've been carrying it for

Over forty years and like

The smell of fall leaves, 

My empty bones

Call it home.

The Conversation--The Magickal Third: 2

(Moss on Tree)

Depending on where you start up or down the 

World Tree. when you hit moss it implies a third

One is always there, the moment you had two

plus zero we always make three. Maybe, this

is how we divide the world? Descartes's gaffe

is not in two, but in the forgetting to

make it three.

Which is a long way to say, I said before

and after, when you met the Gods, "Any god

that requires belief is not a real god."

you do not need to believe to make conver-

station. or to know, K in Magick is an

eleven, or one plus one is three, always

a loop between the future and the past tied

to the everpresent- present

I said I'm

not good at:

I/you/we —


despite the


Because, because, because, because because, de-

pending on

where we start

up or down

The World Tree

When you hit

Moss it imp-

plies Three.

Going into the woods, by a lake, inside a stone cottage, for a week — so I’ll see you all around the bonfire! (Or volcano depending on your POV.)

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