A Solstice Way of Being

a paean to the unwise

Winter Solstice 2020
Con/Jur/d 12/21/2020

As it stands,
we are stubborn,
despite wounds inflicted,
at least twice a year.

Although, very few are True-Idiots,
unfooled by the Calender-Maker’s misaligned
move of the New Year, it is
better, if we are idiotic, like them.

And then the Valentinians,
couldn’t try to save Rome,
stealing December 25th,
to hide a resurrected Cesar.

Those without wit see a big, big
endless cold without beginning
whose radius is everywhere,
starting from your centerless heart.

And yes it’s you,
who must drop the pretense,
and remember the blinding burning,
a half-rotation later,

the beginningless heat,
the rays that pierce your atoms, your
assemblages and your ancestors whose
momentary conclave declares smartly,

“I am unique. I am whole, I have a beginning.
I have an end.” Our tiny, foolhardy, intellect
believes false-tales over lived-life. We
believe in a Cesar greater than us.

Whose astronomy and astrology
perfectly collude, every cell unshattered,
whose heart is unpierced by time and space’s
sharp limitlessness, whose beat is not set

by tide or ellipsis,
whose inner-dark isn’t lit up by endogenous-
waves from our particulate Sun.
He denies the burning. He denies the freezing.

And the fragility they imply.
We forget how thin this thinking,
coating the surface of the Great Unknowing
ready to crack at the slightest step true,

“You are we. We are this
This is it. It is this.” Although,
these days, it’s good,
to be, reminded.

Happy Holidays Ya’all!

With great love & gratitude,


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