A Revolution's


Next time māmiņa the

Season will be different

Crisp Sleighbells tinkling over 

The smell of freshly baked bread.

There are more important things
To do even in gardens
Few more satisfying than
Plucking weeds among daisies.

Saturn Return

(This is about)

Con/Jur/d 7/30/2020

This is about

A half-moon chronometer

Above the neighbor’s house

This about standing for the Moon

Not mapping victimhood

Rather hollow  it out

This is about

The ever-return of Saturn

And the skeletal-mocking

The click-clack of voting

When there is no-one worth

Voting for. This is about

Poems for the end of the world

And trying to count the times 

it has happened before. 

This is about stolen images

From stolen reliquaries

Like we always do.

This is about Standing up for trees

And birds and frogs and their right

To interact with silent pools

This is about

Not giving in and being

On the side of the powerless

The crack in assumptions

As we try to see the whole house

With ears stoppered by news

And views a thin mask

Barely a veil covering

The unsayable unknowable

Beauty of it all. This is

About The Dead

And the badgers and hawks

Playing amid their markers

The splay of pigeon feathers

Dotted red with blood expecting

More not less

From they’re children.

This is about remembering

Not forgetting

Forgiving not cartographies

Of blame.

Until next time, see you around the wildflowers!