56 years, 4 Months

This world exists

After 52.3584° N, 4.8811° E

"You just don’t like Sunflowers"

in way of teasing

To prove me wrong she planted

four. One, wild, grew true.

33 plus years in the making
Con/Jur/d Summer 1987, SUNY Buffalo

Old wooden bus stop, empty.
Long green grass browning.
Sewer rat climbs from rust-grate.
Church bell tolls, hollow.

Con/Jur/d: This happens to you

1 in 20’million, sometimes less

You were conjured out of emptiness.

Without permission or volition, introduced

Seduced, suspended in interdependence

(remember, never forget

the most common test for viability

is a slap, how much crueler can we get?

born into culpability)

Reliant on oxygen, we punish the trees

create a world unfit for bees,

Fuck these taught rhymes

(the habit’s impossible to break

without effort and time)s

See how it goes?

A sunset, it is the first and

The last. You wish to have wings

Get lost, become butterfly

Sitting on the ground.

You wanted to fly,

Revise your list

And let go.

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‘til next time, see y’all around the harbor. Con/Jur/d