gate(less) is the experimental composite-art home, of Dr. Con AKA Juris d. Ahn.

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By becoming a voluntary subject in the Great Experiment, Dr. Con AKA Doc Concrescence promises, much like Ken Kesey and the CIA, after an initial discomfort, you will take charge of your own ‘real’ and stop subjecting yourself to the random manipulation of the metamodern con. Currently, Dr. Con AKA the eponymous Con/Jur/d, is producing something every single day, don’t you, yes you, want to know what will/has/can happen?

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Be part of a community of people who share your interests, fears, hopes & dreams. Shared reality is reality. Why don’t you share it with me? And them, I mean us. What do you have to lose? A few dollars maybe. Then again, Time unlike money can never be wasted or destroyed.